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Equine Dental Speculums and Accessories

12 Item(s)

  • Millennium Equine Dental Speculum with Biothene Straps

    SKU: HRE206001
  • Equine Mouth Wedge

    SKU: HRE206013
  • Equine Dental Head Stand Curved Cradle

    SKU: HRE206012
  • Equine Dental Head Stand Adjustable Rectangular Head Rest

    SKU: HRE206011
  • Cheek Retractor

    SKU: HRE206010
  • Biothene Straps

    SKU: HRE206009
  • Pony / Miniature Bite Plates

    SKU: HRE206008
  • Incisor Bite Plates Rubber Coated

    SKU: HRE206007
  • Extra Wide Bite Plates

    SKU: HRE206005
  • Extra Wide Bite Plates Rubber Fitted

    SKU: HRE206004
  • Millennium Equine Dental Speculum Horse Mouth Gag Opener Drop Forged with Biothene Straps Premium Quality

    SKU: HRE206002
  • Spreader For Speculums

    SKU: HRE206014

12 Item(s)